Independence Hall Pen


  • Kit Type    1776
  • Finish   Antique Brass
  • Ink Refill    Schneider
  • COA      YES


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Own a Piece of History With the Independence Hall Pen. Embrace a striking mix of history and modernity with the Independence Hall Pen. Each unique piece in this limited series contains an authentic fragment of the same Cedar beams that once formed a part of the historic Independence Hall. The integrity of the Independence Hall structure stayed intact until the late 19th century. It wasn’t until 1897 that necessity prompted certain renovations. As part of these refurbishments, a few original oak and cedar beams were displaced. These surplus beams, rather than being discarded, were dutifully conserved by a collective of private enthusiasts. As a commemorative gesture for the nation’s Bicentennial celebration in 1976, Burnes of Boston chose to honor this slice of history. They offered a limited batch of chips, each meticulously cut from these original cedar beams of Independence Hall. Every chip, bestowed with a distinct number, was gracefully enshrined in an exquisite case for preservation. This is more than a pen. This is a tangible piece of the rich tapestry of American history in your hands. Write your own chapter of history with a Independence Hall Pen. Acquiring this pen not only means owning a writing tool, but also means becoming the custodian of a priceless piece of history.


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