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Hi all, my name is Donald Haycraft. I am the owner of Boiler Room Pens. I work alongside my wife, Tamsy Haycraft; my son, Donald (DJ) Haycraft; and my amazing daughter, Lily Haycraft. We all work together to make our business run smoothly. We are local to Frederick County, Maryland but do shows outside of the county and even out of the state! We like to keep everyone updated on Facebook about the events we go to so there’s always a possibility of meeting us.

I have loved woodworking since I was young; since my father got me interested in it. I make pens, pencils, bottle openers, crafting knives, ornaments, and anything you could think of. I can have just about any design or logo on them, and make them perfect for your needs. If you like sports, I can make you anything with their logo on it! My items can range from plain woods, to antiques from movie sets or stadiums. We make sure all of our products are of quality and won’t disappoint. We make sure every item is up to par with your expectations and if it’s not we’ll fix it for you!

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