Carob Wood Pen


  • Kit Type    Amazing Grace
  • Finish      Chrome
  • Ink Refill    Schneider
  • COA     YES
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Carob Wood Pen – A Symbol of Your Faith Embrace your spirituality with our distinctive Carob Wood Pen. This isn’t just a writing instrument, it’s a statement of your faith. The centerpiece of this exquisite pen is the Cross clip. It isn’t merely a design, it’s the famous symbol of Christianity that connects directly to your belief. But that’s not all, this pen is beautifully decorated with other unique icons signifying your devotion. These include a dove, a crown of thorns, and an olive branch. Every icon encapsulates the essence of the Christian faith. Each one amplifies specific aspects of your belief and love for the lord. Let’s delve deeper into the symbols. The dove is a representation of the Holy Spirit, drawn directly from Matthew 3:16 and Luke 3:22. These passages portray the Holy Spirit as a dove during Jesus’s baptism, and this pen captures that magical moment. Indulge in the symbolism, embrace the divine spirit, add depth to your devotion with our exceptional Carob Wood Pen. It’s not just a pen, it’s your connection to your faith.


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